Hand Hygiene Opportunities App

Our mission is to empower infection preventionists to elevate safety, build supportive cultures and reduce hospital associated infections. Join us as we empower infection preventionists to become superheroes and make every healthcare setting a beacon of safety and well-being.


Capture Observations On The Go

The simple way of capturing clean data


Select from a drop down list the UNIT/WARD that you visit for safety support.


Select from a drop down list what is the hand hygiene opportunity.


Select if it was a hand wash or a hand sanitization action.


Check the "Missed" and the "feedback" box when relevant.

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Get in touch to learn about SiO and our other infection prevention products. Soapy for education, compliance and clinical infection prevention are within a reach of one click Soapy - Clean Hands, Clean Data

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Our Vision

Ar Soapy, we know a safer health is a better health. So, we invented SoapyPro, SoapyPro Mobile and SiO to keep infections at bay. We are true belivers in the clinical team and that they are the heros we all wish to be. We see our responsibility to empower them and make them work safer and more efficient. 

Soapy is more than a tech company that helps produce better infection control, Soapy is the experience, protection, technology, and assurance behind safe that makes a major impact in various industries. Our mission is a clear one: We want to leverage advanced technology to achieve better health.

Clean Hand Clean Data

Max Simonovsky | Founder & CEO